Nicholas Klick

A hands-on servant leader who loves building great teams, products, and services.



I have stewarded systems transacting billions of dollars and serving tens of millions of users. With over 14 years experience in DevOps and delivering highly scalable web applications, I thrive at the nexus of infrastructure and application development.


I have had the opportunity to speak at a variety of national conferences including ChefConf, Hashiconf, GitLab Commit and GitLab Summit on numerous topics such as: Observability, Serverless, Infrastructure as Code, Security and Compliance. I love opportunities to enhance my public speaking skills as well as contribute to conversations at the local and national levels.


Remote Work

I have worked fulltime remote since 2013. I consider myself an expert and evangelist in working remotely and building highly collaborative and highly productive remote teams.


I enjoy having fun outdoors with family and on my own. When not working, I can be found climbing, skiing, camping, mountain biking, and trail running.


Thanks for dropping by!

Shoot me an email via nicholasklick at email provided by Google